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Will I still have a utility bill after I go solar?
Will I still have a utility bill after I go solar?
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Yes, most of our customers will continue to receive an electricity bill from their utility company, though it will be significantly reduced. This is because there are times when your home may use more power than your solar system produces. So, in addition to your solar loan payment, you'll also have a smaller bill for that extra electricity from your utility provider.

But here's the good news! During the times when your solar system generates more power than your household uses, your utility provider will give you credits for that extra electricity at the retail rate. This process is part of what we call 'net metering'. Think of it like a savings account for your surplus solar power - you 'deposit' when you produce more and 'withdraw' when you need extra. These credits will reduce or eliminate the cost of the energy you purchase from your utility when your consumption exceeds solar production.

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