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What is the installation process?
What is the installation process?
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As a full-service electrification platform, Daylight handles the entire process from you, from hardware procurement to installation🤝

You can receive a custom proposal through the Daylight website or mobile app. On the website, navigate to your dashboard to see the upgrades that work best for you. On the mobile app, navigate to the "Blueprint" tab.

From there, the installation process follows these steps:

Review agreement

You’ll sign a few agreements to initiate your solar system. You’ll sign an installation agreement with the installer, a financing agreement with the financing company underwriting the loan, and potentially a utility interconnection agreement if required.

We’ll generate all these documents for you in your customer portal to make the documentation process seamless. You will digitally sign these documents, and signed versions will be emailed to you.

Site survey

We’ll have you take a few pictures to prepare our installers for the job. You’ll take photos of your roof (From the ground!) and a picture of your utility meter and service panel.

You can submit these photos conveniently in the Daylight app.

Confirm design

Our designers will convert the design into a CAD drawing for final panel placements and electric requirements. We’ll send this over to you to review.


We'll submit all necessary paperwork to the utility and local jurisdiction for approvals. You won’t need to do anything. We’ll keep you updated on the process.

This typically takes a few weeks, depending on how busy each office is.


We will schedule an installation day with you. The installation of your system is typically done within one day.

Power on!

Your utility will give your system permission to operate, and your system will turn on. Now you’ll start harvesting energy from the sun and saving on all your bills!

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