What is Daylight?

Welcome to Daylight - an energy company built around you.

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Daylight is an energy platform that rewards you for all your home energy upgrades⚡

Our energy system is becoming increasingly strained. Around the country, customers are exposed to an increasing number of power outages, and energy rates continue to increase every year. It's clear the current model is failing us.

Luckily, electrification presents an answer. Solar systems allow us to harvest clean, free energy directly from the sun. Home batteries allow us to store the sun's energy for a rainy day and eliminate the risk of power outages. And electrified appliances allow us to increase efficiency and reduce our total energy costs.

Daylight is your partner in your electrification journey. We're a one-stop shop for all energy upgrades: from solar and home batteries to heat pumps and EV chargers. Our data-driven approach uses your unique energy consumption data to design the best energy system for your home, and our full-service installation ensures the upgrade process is a breeze. But there's a few more things that make us unique:

Cashback rewards💰

At Daylight, we believe in rewarding our customers for their commitment to sustainable energy. For every energy upgrade you make, such as installing solar panels, batteries, EV chargers, or heat pumps, you can earn up to $5,000 in cashback rewards.

Lowest cost on Tier 1 equipment🔧

We pride ourselves on being the lowest-cost provider of Tier-1 energy hardware in the nation. We believe energy independence should be accessible for everyone.

We only use tier-1 hardware. All our equipment, including solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps, come with industry-leading warranties and insurance. This ensures that your transition to a more sustainable energy solution is secure and worry-free.

Control in the palm of your hand📱

Our energy app unites your energy experience in one place. Get insights into your energy consumption and control all your devices directly from our app.

Additionally, our app allows you to access other benefits of our ecosystem, including cheaper energy rate plans designed for you and your energy resources.

We're moving energy into the 21st century. We hope you'll join us.

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